Ottawa Latte Cups

Ottawa Latte Cups

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Relax with the Ecology Ottawa Latte Cup 250ml.

Inspired by moody skies and winter days, the Ottawa Latte Cups feature neutral tones in an organic shape with rustic edges and gentle ridging. Made of durable stoneware, and designed to fit under the coffee machine, the matte finishes in the Calico and Barley and gloss finishes in the Indigo and Frost for a welcome mix of texture and tactility.

Ecology Ottawa Latte Cup in Calico
Ecology Ottawa Latte Cup in Barley
Ecology Ottawa Latte Cup in Indigo
Ecology Ottawa Latte Cup in Frost

This product features a reactive glaze, variations in colour and design may occur.
This product features a matte glaze. Matte glazes can scratch and scuff with use. Please treat with care.