My Dog Bigsy

My Dog Bigsy

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From Australia's favourite picture-book creator, Alison Lester, comes this energetic story about a little dog who causes a big commotion.

Meet my dog Bigsy. He's only small, but everyone knows he's the boss.
Each morning he visits the animals on the farm.
"quawk, neigh, quack, moo, baa, oink, cluck, purr, ruff ruff ruff!
What a lot of noise! And all because of Bigsy!

Embark on a heartwarming journey of friendship celebrating the unbreakable bond between a child and their furry best friend, as the child discovers the incredible love and loyalty that their canine companion Bigsy brings to their world.

In this enchanting story, kids will love-

*Bigsy's playful and lovable nature
*Joining in exciting backyard escapades
*Exploring the world through Bigsy's curious eyes
*The charming illustrations that bring Bigsy to life
*The heartwarming message of friendship

A delightful tale that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike, reminding us all of the extraordinary joy and unwavering companionship that our four-legged friends bring to our lives.