Bessie Knit Cushion

Bessie Knit Cushion

Sage & Clare
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Set your heart a-flutter with the beautiful Bessie Knit Cushion. This beautiful piece is a standout of the new season offerings from PLAY by Sage x Clare.  It's textural, it's playful and it is sure to elevate any interior space.

A bold heart motif, a key feature of the new Anabelle collection, commands attention in seasonal hues of macadamia, peacock, mauve, denim, lagoon and mint. It's fabulous and fun in one!

The softness of cotton jacquard adds a sense of warmth, while melange fringing on all sides is a considered finishing touch. It comes complete with a high-quality feather insert.

Measures 50 x 50cm
Macadamia, Peacock, Mauve, Denim, Lagoon, Mist
Made from 100% cotton + feather insert